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Nitromethane supplier of NHRA in 2019 (1 Viewer)


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who will be the official supplier of nitromethane fuel of NHRA in 2019? VP? Sunoco? or others?


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I think there is only 1 manufacturer of Nitro Methane (Wego?) in America and Sunoco/VP/everybody slap their label on it.


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I thought that there were 2 manufacturers and it was not manufactured in the US.
Quite a few years back when they had the Olympics in China, They shut down that manufacturing plant due to safety while the Olympics were going on and there were shortages.
Don Shumacher has or had a stock pile of nitro during that time but it was not NHRA approved.


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I remember when Angus made nitromethane, but I think they got out of that business of making nitromethane, or at least are not selling it in the USA any more.


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I remember that a number of USA nitro suppliers got out of the business. The market for nitro was so small that no one made a profit on it. Then Chinese nitro came in & it was not always the same quality. Gave the racers fits. So whoever makes it now seems to have a good product. Hope it stays that way!


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Under the radar, but Speedway Fuel became of the Official Fuel of IndyCar last month replacing Sunoco.
LOL, they must have paid a lot of money for that. I used to use Speedway until I discovered they are not a "top tier" gas brand. They put too much ethanol in their fuel. Since I switched to Marathon, I noticed that my gas mileage is slightly better. Which is funny as Marathon owns speedway. Guess Speedway is their "cheap" brand.


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Wasn't it the Angus Plant in Louisiana that blew up years ago?

and yes the Chinese Nitro was different, we use 100% and mix it down ourselves.
Different process for making it from the "good old days"


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Nitromethane is made in three plants in China, one has been offline for a while, others needed retrofitting to meet new pollution requirements. Other makers of nitromethane are in Mexico and in India, mostly for agricultural, much of the worldwide nitromethane is "controlled" by Chinese importers. To the best of my knowledge, nitromethane is no longer made in the United States. Sunoco imports their nitro and it was announced at the PRI Show in Indy that the cost is going up in 2019.
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the problem with Chinese Nitro is that they made it in pill form only...add fuel and voom

I mean, that was a commercial about little blue nitromethane heart medication pills, right?



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So I suppose the nitromethane is also leaded?
Correct me if i am wrong but isn't this why NHRA pulled the Montreal even from its schedule? I think it had something to do with the Canadian government being dicks about the NHRA bringing in leaded fuel into the track or something.

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