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Due to health and just getting older. I cant hand shovel anymore. When I moved in was told the snow blower had not been run in 5-6 years. Its a Brute with a 5 hp tecumseh engine. Believe it goes by several names and that was the store brand at the time the labels were stuck on.. Carb cleaned and Sea Foamed it last year. Made it to almost the last of the sidewalk in the end of winter last year and craped out. Pulled the carb off this year and broke it down. Didn't find too much more than normal wear n tear. Float seemed good, needle valve looked ok. Noticed the primer line was on the block and had a few holes in it(explains the lack of firmness in the bulb). replaced the line. Now I look and the single wire to the plastic key has pulled off. Can someone explain to someone that had a class in small engine repair 32 years ago and Briggs and Stratton started every time, rebuilt and hand honed a 72 n 73 Pontiac 400's. I get the concept it shorts out but how does a plastic key in a single wire system short out the coil to the block? Trying to get this sorted out. Was told it wasn't touched but I know breaking it down with missing screws and no clamp on the fuel line it was touched. Any advice would be appreciated.

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