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Silly Season 2017-2018

Kalitta tweeted earlier today that they will be announcing "some excellent news about one of their mates" tomorrow. I take it that someone from down under will be announced as the driver for the second Kalitta TF dragster... Could it possibly be Richie Crampton ;)


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I really wish we would call it something else besides 'silly season'. silly season is a term coined by nascar followers. Drag racing needs its own term for off season antics. how about 'wacky' season or 'crazy' season :)
Kalitta Motorsports has announced that Richie Crampton will be the driver of it's Kalitta Air Top Fuel Dragster and will compete in all 24 events. Connie and Rob Flynn will be doing the tuning.
The "4 wide Nationals" will now be known as the "4 x 8 Nationals" with 4 - two passenger Top Fuelers going against each other....as soon as Larry Dixon can get the NHRA to go along with it.....:rolleyes:
Force went by the "1000 Foot Club" on fire hence the term....Elvis was in the stands cheering him on that day.
If you don't think that's possible, I can at least prove he was at the Hershey AACA swap meet a few years ago looking at the cars for sale in the Car Corral...

Thin Elvis or Heavy Elvis, take your pick

Hershey2009 elvis.jpg


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Hey we got a resturant here in Phoenix called Soup Or Salad. Has free ice cream & the food is good. OK, free ice cream is the best..... :)