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Should non countdown cars be awarded the "little points" in qualifying sessions or should they be awarded to the top 3 countdown contenders in each qualifying session? Discuss!


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good point david.....i think you're onto something here......OR......what about have little points from pomona thru indy, then the 'playoff' races just award
one set of points to countdown cars after 4 rounds of Q?.......for example; after 4 rounds of Q in countdown race, the highest qualified countdown car gets 10 points,
then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for the 10 countdown cars in qualifying......look at 4 rnds. in texas today.....
TJ would get 10
Wilk would get 9
JR would get 8
Jack would get 7
Robert would get 6
and so on thru the 10th countdown car who would get 1 point......if a countdown car does not Q in a countdown race, he/she gets no points

1 6 Tommy Johnson Jr., Avon IN, '17 Charger 3.918 321.73 323.66
2 77 Bob Tasca III, Cranston RI, '18 Mustang 3.950 322.27 322.27
3 8 Tim Wilkerson, Springfield IL, '17 Mustang 3.958 315.64 315.64
4 373 J.R. Todd, Indianapolis IN, '18 Camry 3.962 320.05 320.05
5 4 Jack Beckman, Norco CA, '18 Charger 3.968 316.52 316.52
6 1 Robert Hight, Yorba Linda CA, '18 Camaro 3.979 314.83 323.43
7 28 Ron Capps, Carlsbad CA, '18 Charger 3.986 317.12 317.12
8 71 Cruz Pedregon, Brownsburg IN, '16 Camry 3.999 315.19 315.19
9 333 Shawn Langdon, Danville IN, '19 Camry 4.003 310.91 319.14
10 7 John Force, Yorba Linda CA, '18 Camaro 4.045 319.67 319.67
11 703 Jim Campbell, Huntington Beach CA, '18 Charger 4.051 310.63 310.63
12 3 Courtney Force, Yorba Linda CA, '18 Camaro 4.079 272.28 272.28
13 496 John Hale, Addison TX, '12 Impala 4.103 293.03 293.03
14 717 Jeff Diehl, Salinas CA, '12 Camry 4.140 257.38 257.38
15 5 Matt Hagan, Christiansburg VA, '19 Charger 4.169 255.92 255.92
16 121 Terry Haddock, Temple TX, '18 Mustang 5.142 148.20 154.55

so the question is, with little points as is, if one car has best e.t. in each Q session, that driver can be awared 12 points before eliminations.
is 12 to much? or is it just rite? is 10 points (half a round of racing) too much to give to highest Q car?
little points for non-C cars are meaningless.......so they can say they they finished 11th or 12th at season's end?.....i don't believe there is mello yello money
awarded to positions below 10th place?......i don't even know if 10th place gets anything?


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I was mostly concerned with the countdown races. If a car/driver isn't a countdown contender, should they be awarded the little points for each qualifying session or should the points be awarded to the top 3 countdown contenders from each qualifying session?


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They are qualifying points, not countdown points. There should be no preferential treatment. If a non-countdown driver earns some qualifying points then the countdown drivers should have gone quicker.


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You have to wonder if team cars have ever backed a tune up down to prevent taking points away from someone who needs them.
Doubtful. You can’t really treat these cars like bracket cars, each run in qualifying is meant to create a raceday tuneup, in addition to qualifying positions.


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To that point is why the “playoffs” don’t work in racing like it does in stick and ball sports. In those sports you don’t play against non playoff contenders. I realize everyone knows that but in my opinion that is the biggest flaw with the countdown.
Nah but you could slide over out of the groove and smoke the tires..............................JF
I should have made it clear I was talking about the 3 qualifying points. I get you though. I was there. My 10 year old son looked at me and said “why did he drive toward the wall?”.

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