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Anyone else still waiting for their NHRA.tv subscription to automatically renew? I've emailed NHRA for an update but no reply as yet.
If you renewed with your national dragster subscription, contact NHRA membership directly. They seem to take care of the issue right away.
Mine was scheduled for Feb, 3rd checked my checking account that morning, NHRA had not taken it out.
Thought that was strange. I have had NHRA.TV since day one and they have never missed taking a payment.
Log on to my account. the subscription went up $10.00 a year. So I had re-enter my bank card number, nothing else.
I went back to NHRA.TV and it was up and running. They never did send a e-mail telling me that it was going up.
No big deal. I need my NHRA.TV it's my drug of choice.
Same for me re NHRA. But it's my drug too, so now renewed and ready to fire the nitro!
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