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I thought all the sportsman racers would chime in and say how great the sportsman classes are.

I was just going to read this thread and not reply until I saw this statement.
Sportsman racing is great but if you like the Pro's, nothing we can say will change your mind. I always said if you take a person to a drag race, take them to a bracket race first because if you take them to see the Pro's, that is all they going to want to see and understand. Not saying this is the case with you.
Me, I love all kind of drag racing, some classes more than others. I not a big fan of .90 racing but I will sit there and watch it all day because it is drag racing and it takes a lot to make a car go .000 on the tree and .90 on the top end. Now Top sportsman and Top dragster is great to watch. My favorite classes are SuperStock, Stock, and Comp. because of the variety of cars and how hard it is to make them run under the index within the rules. The Pro cars I like is Pro mod and Pro stock. But also I will support my local track and go watch bracket racing every weekend if I could.
Jack is right, sportsman racers pay $250 to enter a national event, add that times 500 cars and NHRA makes a nice little profit.(Not counting crew and family members tickets, meals, etc.) One other thing is guess where we buy our parts from, manufactor's midway. Also we must go to Divisional races to earn grade points to enter the National event(at least 3 Divisionals to enter 1 National). Sportsnationals are nice and treat racers well.(I know the CajunSportsnational does).
I guess I am just a drag racing fan. Send 2 cars down a dragstrip and I am there.:)
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