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R.I.P. O.C.I.R.

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was it nitro nellie that was first and only black female fuel flopper shoe back in the early 70's? ....hope i got the name right.


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We’re not comparing apples to apples here, McClelland & Evans were taped and could easily be edited or voiced over. Today’s teams are basically doing it live-ish, without time for a do-over
Exactly. I've done and am doing live commentary at Euro championships over here in Europe for many years and I think that one of the charms of going live is just that, no scripts and shit happens all the time.

Myself have no issue at joking, live of course, about my own mistakes which of course happens all the time though it might not alway be caught by the discerning listeners ;) It can add a lot of humour if you do it right and leave the prestige back home. With a good trusted partner it can get real good and make for fun memories. I'm sure any speaker can write a novel on the subject :)

I've done lots of voice-overs too but do not really like it, the scripting takes a lot of time and when you sit at the edit table you have limitless opportunites to edit the soundtrack and it can take too many hours. I do that editing myself and with todays technology available on any well spec'd PC, you can easily clip a sentence in two and replace a poor front- or backhalf without it being noticeable. Yes, I'm an OCD person.


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Of the modern day era announcers IMO Mike Dunn was the best of the bunch. He seemed very comfortable behind the mic, wzs able to express and interject the right amount of "technical" along with regular race commentary. Brian has benn very good and will only get better with time and he does help to bring out a better job from Tony. After 3 years in, what you get from Tony is what is there. He is not as bad as many people make him out to be. At least he is better than boogity man, good ol' DW over in NASCAR world.


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Dunn got real good in the booth, but it took time, it certainly can't be easy. Buy he wasn't perfect either, I don't think you need to be. One thing I always thought was kind of funny was how Mike Dunn seemed to talk beyond needing his next breath, if I'm describing that right, lol. But I like Mike and miss seeing him on the track AND in the booth.

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Maybe I'm just getting old and this is met with no disrespect, but I feel as though both of the TV broadcasters could afford to slow down their speech a little bit. Brian Lohnes does a fantasic job and Tony Pedregon has improved, but Tony does seem to get tongue tied and a bit ahead of himself at times. I also feel that the edit bay can dial back a bit as well. The entire broadcast feels rushed. I mean in a run that last just under 4 seconds, how many cameras angles does the editor need to change to? Personally I love the editing style of Les Mayhew's Nitro America videos. Startup to turn out is what I'd like to see. Get rid of some of the fluff pieces and show more racing. Thankfully we have NHRA.tv with Reinhart.

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I've heard Brain and Tony both make mistakes and guess what? It doesn't bother me at all. They're human and trying to keep us informed in a fast-paced sport. I think Tony's on-screen chemistry with Brian is better than it was with Dave Reiff, and Brian does tend to speak a little fast so keeping up may be a challenge. But I'm not looking for Emmy award winners..... I want to hear from knowledgeable announcers and this team is pretty good at that.


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someday nhra won't have amanda busick anymore......just consider that. i used to really like g. gerrald on the top end; was sad to see him retire from the nhra. then amanda showed up and everything's
a-o-k......she mite be the only one of the nhra tv staff that other sports mite be looking at to hire her away.......you see that happening to anyone else behind the mic at nhra?. amanda's the jewel. enjoy her talent. jim car's head is not a big deal. (actually i think marty reid was hired away, or given a better offer to call indy cars)

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The Mike Dunn reference wasn't necessary
Why wasn't the Mike Dunn reference necessary? Mike Dunn used the word "basically" EVERY OTHER WORD. Then it was "obviously" Tony Pedregon has not been caught up in any of that crap and does a damn good job in my opinion. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, why dwell on it. Are you perfect? I sure as hell am not!!

R.I.P. O.C.I.R.

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i myself have no concern over tony. he is very bright, and when a champion speaks, i listen. i think we should be happy we have a champion in the booth. a guy thats been there, done that.


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Once both(add Bruno to this category) of them learn that they don't need to be announcing like a Barrett-Jackson auctioneer, the bashing threads will stop. Slower and accurate is way better than machine gunning your words and hoping for the best. Drag racing announcing is an art form like no other. The greats of the past knew how to communicate and entertain, because they had thousands of restless, semi-drunk males in the stands waiting for the oil down to be cleaned up. Either be entertaining or watch to crowd tear the banners off the fences.

Guys, tell interesting stories in a clear and conversational tempo. Listen to Dave and Steve. They spoke slower and used inflection and timing to paint their word pictures. Lohnes was at his best on his appearance on Nomex Effect. He was easy to comprehend and his quick wit really shined. Tony needs to talk to us like he would a fan who comes to his pit.
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