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Each week we have brought problems to light here. I am glad to say they are being fixed. Three days of constant viewing and all went very good. Especially like a quick posting of the Weather Delay screen. I bailed at the end to watch the replay of Tiger on CBS but it looked like you were going to have the winners circle on camera. I usually watch this also.
Thank you for continuously working the bugs out of the feed.


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Agreed, no problems here in the UK. I watched Saturday live and the eliminations in catchup mode on Monday.

Von Halen

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The Houston coverage was excellent! Because of all the issues last year, I was very close to not renewing. I am so glad I did. If you're relying on just the network coverage, you're missing a ton of racing. This is one of the few television service add ons that truly gives you your money's worth.

My only issues are, fast forwarding when you first turn it on. If you come in after the program has started, you have to fast forward to where it's live. Several hours in on Sunday, my power flickered off and then right back on. Of course everything had to reset. When I went back to NHRA.TV, I had to fast forward all the way back to where it was live. Yes, it is a minor annoyance and I can live with it.

My only other issue is the mic volume on a couple of screamers that work for NHRA.TV. I have a good surround sound system and when a certain couple of individuals get on a microphone, my windows about get blown out. At one point on Sunday my Son even came out of his room to see what the heck was going on because all of the sudden there was all this hollering blasting through the house. I'm not complaining about the individuals themselves, just the mic volume. That one dude is hilarious, but if I don't have my finger on the volume button when he comes on, look out! Now if the sound of the engines were the same volume, I wouldn't complain at all!

I realize this is the first year with this new format and things are being tweaked on the go. This is a great service and I can't believe all Drag Racing fans aren't subscribed. Thanks to all that are working on and for this service.


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While the better value (e.g. free) is likely now being able to stream all NHRA divisionals on DragRacer.tv, the NHRA.tv product has definitely improved and would be terribly missed. I wish they would not have so many foot faults at the beginning, but I applaud them for somewhat owning it via an e mail with a complaint/issues number to call, and I'm sure the red writer (and evidently red microphone guy) and Joe Costello appreciate not getting texts from me to prompt fixes when the wheels were falling off the wagon early in the year. Great product, keep fine tuning it .... last weeks on and off static in the left channel over the course of the weekend was painful at times, but never enough to call and tell them to kill the left channel and broadcast in mono off of the right.


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this is VERY positive news to hear. if they have the bugs worked out after next 2 events, i will get NHRAtv.
Me too. My All access expired in March and after all the issues, I said I would not renew until everyone said it was better for at least 3 events. 1 down, 2 to go.


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Worked great, loved being able to FF/rewind/pause, finally back to where we were last year. Looking forward to next race! Get the last few years archived races from all access loaded back up and I’ll have no complaints.

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