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Grade for the 2017 ALL ACCESS Season


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I'm giving All Access an A- for this season. Much improved over a C+, I would have given during my 12 race experience in 2016.

The Reading race problems were the biggest complaint for me. But they did get it fixed before Sunday.

Sure they had some short freeze up's during the year, but so did my Cox cable internet service for which I pay a lot more.

Using my fuzzy math,we get 8 hrs on Friday, 8 hrs on Saturday, and 6 hrs on Sunday.
22 hours x 24 races = 528 hours You pay $100.00 - 528 hours cost is $.19 per hour.
$4.18 per race of commercial free at the track viewing experience. I am retired and watch a lot. :)
Plus all the extra hours of US Nationals coverage. Also the replays are available.

Sunday my son and grandson came over to watch on the big TV. When FS1 came on I asked if they wanted to watch that instead and got a quick NO!

I realize that some of you have things you want done differently, but this is for those that are wondering if they should join next year. Come on in the viewing is fine!

They will get my $99.00 again in 2018 and maybe only $90.00 in December if I pay attention this year.


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I will give them a B+, with the NHRA membership discount, it's only $75. Well worth the money and I will most certainly renew next year.
Thanks for your reviews guys. I paid my $140AUS in 2016 but didn't renew for 2017 because of the following reasons. If something has dramatically improved I would love to know about it.
Being 13-16hrs ahead of the states it doesn't suit us to watch it live as we are sleeping. So we rely on having the VODS posted up after the days racing so that we can download it the following day and watch it that night.
I don't have all day to sit in front of the box. I also don't want to sit through track clean up, track prep, rain delays etc.
Technical issues:
The VODS took tooooo long to be be posted up after the event. I had to nag Cleeng, Allan, the NHRA for a Finals VOD that eventually got posted a week later. Not good enough. One VOD that was posted had nothing but a banner saying RAIN DELAY. Why bother posting it?
Can't hear the cars. Compare that in 2016 to the Street Car Super Nationals I watched over the weekend from LVMS via BangShift on Livestream was chalk n cheese.
Audio Video out of Sync. It got so bad Allan would announce the winner then we would see the run. We counted 6sec of of Sync.
Late Starts. We got missed runs etc.
Dropped links.
Periodically No Start Time Graphics and No Finish line Graphics.

If the NHRA could guarantee Quality and Quantity of Supply....were do I sign?

The NHRA Cut the Cable on the world, not the other way around. If I was Coke I'd be getting this fixed.