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Tommy Turner out of Florida has a Schmidt combination, 948 cubic inches, no nitrous, runs 6.40-6.50 all day long and I don't believe it's any kind of maintenance headache. Just start it up and drop it in drive. It's so reliable you could dive it to In&Out if you didn't feel like firing up that grill.

Can't wait for my test drive.
Thanks, Alan. BTW, I pre-entered the RJ Camaro to make runs with it at Lynsi's In-N-Out/Hot Rod Magazine 70th Anniversary at the Fairplex in November after the finals. I was hoping to line up against your Mustang. :)


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Randy: "With the way the class is going you might not make a 32 car field running that slow "

Div. 7 runs 48 car fields and most western National Events aren't usually that fast. [a lot of racers just don't like the hassle and expense of them]

Gives you a chance to "sneak up on it"!


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Most cars that win qualify in the middle of pack. I like Alans idea check fluids hope in drive a good round drive back to pit and wait for next round. Work on them at the shop !!!!

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