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Yep it’s called ( the middle aged spread ).
Just go to a high school reunion, you’ll be shocked when you see that hot Cheerleader after she’s aged.


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Weight is everything in this class. I've seen Angelle at the ropes signing autographs. She is tiny. Put her on a Harley and LOOK OUT!!!
Gives her team a bit of flexibility as to weight placement, but it won't give a weight advantage per se. So it's either Eddie Krawiec or Angelle + 50 pounds of ballast. Same weight in the end.

I have all the respect in the world for Angelle, but her consistency needs work. It's not unusual for her to cut a .010 light, then .140, then redlight by .020 all at the same race.

Just Paul

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She's not 20 years old anymore. Sometimes, you get a little older and a little heavier. Trust me in this...... :)
Not in her case...
I follow her in Instagram. I'm pretty sure she could kick both our ass.

This should be fun. I hope Angelle gets the results she's after, and will work something out to do the full tour.


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George Bryce has released a statement of sorts, that he supports her in this new deal.

My thoughts:
Although this deal is for 4 races, I think the remainder of the races would be either performance based, or sponsor additions, or a combination of both.