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Alexis Dejoria and Jesse James divorcing (1 Viewer)


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Guess he’ll have to have that ink of her name on his neck covered up. Why do people continue to tattoo names of somebody they’re in a relationship with, especially when your now a 4 time loser at marriage?
I have a feeling he is collecting tattoos of their names until there is no open skin left.....


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If you asked all the members of my family who Jessie James is, I guarantee that all (but me) would immediately say he's that outlaw guy from the old wild west days.Most folks don't know and don't care.
As a side note, in one of the Motorcycle Mania shows, he stated he was a direct descendant of the original Jesse James. Unfortunately for him, there's a guy who tracks that kinda thing who said he wasn't. He asked Jesse to take a DNA swab test to prove his claims and...crickets.
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