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Abe Lincoln and I were both born on Feb 12. His birthdate just happens to be 1809 which will make him 214. I only get to be 80. I was able to make my first pass down a dragstrip in late Feb. 1957, 2 weeks after my 14th birthday. Trophied in E/S first time out and decided that there was nothing to winning at this Drag Racing Thing. 66 years later I have decided that there is a little more to it than I first thaught.


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I will be 79 in May. Worked bleach box for IHRA national events for a few years in 80s and early 90s. Recently had a cochlear implant to restore some of the hearing that I lost while working in the bleach box and other careless times without hearing protection. So now I have a blue tooth hearing aid in my left ear and a cochlear in my right side.


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Wow I thought I was on the older side at 62. You guys are rocking for sure. Hope you all have many more years. My Dad made 90, my goal is 91 to beat him by one. His goal was 92 double his Dad who died young, 46, missed by 1.5.
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