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Where are the Torrences? (9 Viewers)

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How's that? So the countdown caused them to miss the first race? The countdown caused Steve to push a competitor in the face? Oh, OK, got it!

I'm just looking forward to other drivers deep staging on him ;) It not that I dislike him, I just think how he acted at the end of the season was quite childish.
Should have been more clear. No, I'm not saying the countdown caused anyone to miss the first race, and I'm not condoning Steve's behavior. It's just that before the points reset the TF championship was pretty much decided, and the unnecessary countdown puts drivers in a pressure cooker at the last race. I just think tempers may not have flared at the Finals and the whole incident could have been prevented by letting the season-long top points earner be the winner and not negate their hard work with a reset. But I guess we're stuck with it.

Regardless of the pressure and all that was at stake, I agree a man needs to take it in stride and be professional about it, but that's not what happened.

And yes, the countdown is to blame for sinkholes, solar flares, and the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. ;)


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I believe past champions can simply show up...I can't remember
No, every racer on the grounds must have pre-entered in order to race. For sportsman classes, it's a hard deadline the Monday before the race. Pro class entries can still enter after that, but they have to get special approval (though I doubt anyone would be turned down). The benefit to being a past champion is exemption from the quota restrictions, but they still have to go through the proper entry procedures. It's detailed here:


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It will be interesting to see if the NHRA explains why it took them so long to answer the Torrences appeal ( if the story is true ) You know its gonna have to be part of the Phoenix TV broadcast.
This statement from Momma Kay explains a lot: "It was about trying to settle the appeal we filed with the NHRA on November the 29th. We didn’t want any unresolved issues going into the new season, but we had trouble getting (NHRA) to respond to our letter of appeal."
That is understandable. It would be one less thing to worry about while trying to race.
But, why did it take NHRA so long for this to be resolved? And why was it resolved only after the entry deadline had passed?
However, as Kevin Cook mentioned in his post above, we are only hearing one side of the story. As with anything, there are at least two sides to any story. And somewhere in between is the truth.
Japanese inspection?


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I'd be pissed if I had to pay a fine and go to classes, only to see NHRA using my actions
to advertise for the racing.
If he actually took the prescribed anger management classes he’d be better equipped to manage his anger over his immature and unprofessional actions now airing in a commercial. ;)


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unless i missed it, not a word of this was mentioned on NHRA.com. The series champion, 2 years running, in the top class, skips the first race of the season, apparently puts the NHRA in a bad light, but nevertheless, it is major news and should be reported. the interesting thing is they (nhra) didnt do anything wrong in my view.


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Back in the day, Ron Capps, Whit Basemore, etc. All had temper tantrums. That all got brushed under the rug. No fines or anger management. Now NHRA uses the footage to promote Excitement for Steve. Kinda F'ed up.
Uh... Capps got fined 10k for punching Bazemore's lights out in Atlanta in 2006.

And both Bazemore and Mike Green got nicked (Green for $5k in 2012) for cursing officials, which is a violation of participant conduct code.

In 2009, John Force got hit for $10k for scrapping with Cruz at the big end when an official got bumped when he got in the middle of it trying to break it up.

And yes, in all 4 instances fines had to be paid before they could go back to racing.

Don't make Torrence a martyr. Because he isn't one.
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