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Well, if ya think fire-ups are boring, take off yer ear protection & stand as close as you can to the pit area. Deaf & blind all at the same time! :)


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This has been done for many years at a lot of the NHRA races. They're called "Cackle Cars". I'm sure most people on this site are quite familiar with them...............
they had a couple FED's popping at BIR this year that IMO were about as good as it gets. even in the sun i could see the flames popping. haven't seen a fuel motor pop like
that in quite a few years. thoroughly enjoyed it.
.......when the teams start warming up the cars and everyone started wacking the throttles all over the pits........
yes.....always loved to stand between trailer rows and try to get 3 and sometimes 4 of them fired on both sides. living in stereo. for a few fleeting moments life was perfect.
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