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Fewer qualifying runs can play a factor, I doubt that lower purses do.
I agree. It's just a shame that NHRA can't attract more money to build a better financial model for the pro classes. While the top teams don't live or die by the purses, it hurts the legitimacy of the sport when you have such big dollar operations running for peanuts. Do we even know what the World Championship purses are? On another note, there seems to be no lack of new blood wanting to come into the pro ranks, and I think you'd see even more newcomers stepping up if the qualifying and round money was healthier. Roger Brogden proved that by injecting big money into Comp Eliminator. And, the current part time teams would certainly add more races to their schedule. Nobody expects to get rich racing, but at the very least there has to be some money to offset the expense of attending a National event. I'm not saying it's easy, but there's an awful lot of money out there, NHRA's focus should be on attracting some of it.


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I am impressed with the job the non-France NASCAR has done to regenerate interest in their sport. New venues, new car in 2022, new formats and pantloads of new drivers has NASCAR looking kind of fresh.
In the meantime, NHRA... I sometimes think NHRA is unjustifiably overconcerned with the traditionalists tapping away on their Windows 98 keyboards.


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did everyone see the big headline coming out of sonoma yesterday!?.......steve torrence locks up spot in countdown........:rolleyes:
i can't wait to find out who locks up the next spot 😑
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