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RIP Steve Plueger.


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Saw Steve two weeks ago at Don Preito's Taco Luncheon and I have to say he didn't look to good to me. That is why these gatherings and reunions are a good thing.

RIP Steve.
Non of the major websites have anything about this. This includes Competition Plus & NHRA! The only site I've seen this on is Bang Shift. I first saw this on Facebook posts.
Steve was not only a icon of the sport but he was a great friend and an even better person. I will sorely miss him and getting to sit and hear his stories and watch him work his craft. The world lost a great one!! RIP Steve, we will all miss you!!
Steve's service it today. It will be a who's who of drag racing. A lot of guys were at Steve's last night telling stories and such. I'm so bummed I'm in Oklahoma and can't be there. It also was a shame that NHRA didn't even mention anything about Steve during the broadcast. The only thing said was by John on Friday nights show and they briefly mentioned him right after that interview. It was just really disappointing that they didn't have any kind of piece on him after everything he has done for the sport. It will be a bitter sweet day at Rose Hills today. Rest in peace Steve. You were an amazing person and I'm glad I got to know you and call you friend.


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It was a great service. Lots of racers and old timers were there. Lunch afterwards. Open mic was great with a lot of interesting stories about Steve. It finally sunk in for me, that my friend was gone.
Randy, my mom said it was a great service and got to see a lot of faces she hadn't seen in a long time. It is great to know that so many people loved and cared for Steve. He touched a lot of lives. It was an honor to call him a friend. Really wish I could have flown back home for it.