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Recording Event to watch later?


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I'm relatively new to all access, but it seems the availability of the replay takes a day or two. Is there an easy way to record the video feed? I'd like to watch the eliminations show in the evening.


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The have changed the pause feature over the years, but last year I could pause the feed when they called our class up, and restart it after I'd serviced the car post run .... roughly 90 mins to 2 hours in total. Not sure if you could pause the entire day and have it smoothly pick back up.


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Not certain if this works for everyone but: If I want to watch the show in the evening, I begin the feed early in the day. As long as the race is still running, I'm able to "rewind" all the way back to when I logged onto the event.
This only seems to work if the event is still running. HTH