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Real Ford Funny Car


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Heard on nitroreports.com that the Pat Austin Ford Shotgun motor will be legal for NHRA Heritage funny car series. This is the engine that Pat has been running in A/FD & it has gone 5.90's. The Austins do have a funny car that they will test with this engine, but Drew Austin says they will concentrate on A/FD in 2018. No plans as of yet that they will run in competition with the funny car, but it would be cool to see a real Ford once again. Also possibility that another funny car will run this engine. The engine will be available to whoever wants to run it.


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The engine was originally developed to run in TAFC before the NHRA outlawed it at the 11th hour, it would have been interesting to see it run in TAFC. I am glad the Austins are finally getting to run it in competition (and burn nitro no less).
A few things...

Drew said on Nitro Reports that during the Heritage Series summer break, they plan to do some testing with the flopper. If all goes well, and they like the numbers, they may hit some UNFC races in 2018.

Rewinding back several episodes of the Nitro Reports show, Drew and Darr mentioned that they have a Camaro body on the car. I believe it is the Hodgson style. Will the Chevrolet dealership sponsor roll over???

Drew mentioned that there are several people "interested" in the engine, and Walt is ready to start pumping out parts as needed. They WANT to sell this engine, not keep others from running it.

When Walt first designed this engine (late 1990's), a few Pro Mod and pulling truck teams were using it. So, it didn't just sit under the bench this whole time.

My question is; With the rules change for NT/F as well???