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Typical raucous Steve Johnson...some legitimate beefs passed back and forth...but fireworks? Uh, no. Somebody forgot what real fireworks look like. (Force-Pedregon, Indy 2009)


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Steve Johnson sounds like a whining little bitch
Whys that cause he believes in his words? Matt sounds like the lil bitch here. I guess Joe Amato as an example was a "hobbyist" since he had a Parts Wharehouse business. Matt needs to pull his head out of his own ass!!!


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Good job moderating Alan. I hope to see you at the Trump/Biden debates. They'll need you.


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Matt said NHRA made a knee-jerk reaction rules change, and he said the change gave Suzuki riders an advantage. Having his wife come on stage to add her 2 cents looked petty. The Suzuki "advantage" had exactly one rider make it to round two. ALL of the racers in PSM are hobbyists - none of them make a living racing. They make a living from sponsor dollars. Insulting other racers because they don't have as much sponsor money looks petty too.
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