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Forget PBIR coming back. A Judge ruled last week that the Palm Beach County Commission's denial of the plan to develop warehouses on the property was unreasonable and warehouses are a permitted use. The commission has until June 16th to consider the issue again.

I'd post a link to the article in the Palm Beach Post but they want you to pay to read it. I fu****g hate pay walls.
PBIR never drew a lot of racers and spectators except for a few feature events. The track wasn't making a profit so the owners decided to sell it. It would have remained a track if somebody came up with 55 million to buy it. The racers group who wanted to save the track couldn't come up with the money to buy it so they put it on the open market and got a bid of 80 million. Palm Beach county wanted to keep it a track by limiting what could be done with the property but the Judge ruled that they could do what they wanted to with land. I'm sure that it will be sold real soon as the area is a hub for commerce. Sad to see it go...

By the way did anybody notice Joe Castello in the video?
Sad to see how fast a place can deteriorate. I attended several of the NHRA Winter Warmups over several years. I'll miss driving to my second defunct track that was on a Beeline Highway. My first was in Arizona where I got hooked on drag racing at Beeline Dragway! RIP to another drag strip.
In my humble opinion it also shows what's involved with owning and maintaining a race track. All of these venues work hard the 51 weeks that the NHRA isn't in town. It takes money and sweat to keep the tracks open and attractive and fan friendly.

I don't know what the ultimate answer is but I'm assuming that many of these facilities are operating on razor thin margins and a weekend washout could be catastrophic.

When I lived in Palm Beach County, I went to many events at MOROSO and always thought it was a well run track and enjoyed myself.
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