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A talk with my older brother today sparked a thought in time as he reminded me that he was still "sore" about losing a $1.00 bet to me at Orange County.

The set up, it was the weekend of Oct 28/29 in 1967.
My dad, me, and my brother on leave from Vietnam wanted to hit a show, Lions had just a stocker meet so off to O.C.I.R. for a $1000-to-win Top Fuel show that included a 3 round match race with Dick Loehr's "Stampede Mustang" vs. Dick Harrell's Camaro with a new Supercharger instead of injection.

A nice field of 29 AA./FD's tried out for the 16-car eliminator, James Warren timed number 1 with a 6.84 at a track record speed of 227, but would lose in round 1.
The bet had my brother taking the Tony Waters ride in the final against Kenny Safford racing the "Terrible Ted" Gotelli" ride. Safford won and I got the buck.
The O.C.I.R. Field.
1. James Warren
2. Ray Ayers-Atlas Oil Tool
3.Dennis Baca
4.Leland Kolb
5.Kenny Safford
6.Black Gold
7."Big" Jim Dunn
8.Ron Hodges
9.Dominick Cardoza
10.Tony Waters
11.Mike Sorokian
12Mike Snively-Hawaiin
13.Don Berry
14.Leroy Goldstein
15.Rich Bruckman
16.Gary Reed
*Also had "Wild" Bill and his wheelie car*

Same night across town Irwindale had a 16-car East vs. West Funny Car show loaded with heavy-hitters in for the fall and winter So-Cal shows. $2000-to-win, 8-cars for the East, 8-cars for the West.
Over 10,000 fans packed the track to watch Ohio's "Fast Eddie" Shartman win the show win the show beating Doug Thorley, Roger Lindamood, Butch Leal, and then taking out the Chapman Automotive "Outa-Site" Camaro of Ron O' Donnell breaking the track record with a 7.93 at 181mph.

The next day after a night at O.C.I.R. all 3 of us hit San Fernando the next day. Good day at the track as Denny Fitt drove the Meyer-Fitt-Gerth Fueler to the win over Fred Fischback's injected ride while Red Fogleman won Top Gas.

That same weekend thousands of miles away, Benny Osborn won Top Fuel's Finals in Tulsa.

It was a glorious time.

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I remember the names at OCIR. A few out of staters, Leroy Goldstein & Dominic Cardoza. That was a good races, good ET & MPH for 1967. And Fernando. Red Fogelman T/G. Fred Fischback, ran A/FD and Top Gas. He later moved from Calif to Dallas. Memories......


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Nice memories Mark. Dripping with nostalgia. We’ll probably never see a time when that amount of racing is going on in one state 😳 But thankfully we still have races to go to and watch on tv.
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