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Norwalk cancelled (17 Viewers)


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It will be really interesting to find out if Bader was in negotiations with this, or if it was flat out cancelled by NHRA.

Sean D, shondoo

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I wondered who actually made the call on this. I read somewhere (Bobby's site, maybe?) that there was a preliminary schedule leaked that didn't include Norwalk, which I would assume pissed Bader off and he took it upon himself to cancel it.

Sean D


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I heard a rumor (nothing to back it up, so definitely don't take anything I say as absolute truth) that it was Summit who backed out and that the priority is to get in the races with title sponsors. I can't verify, but it would make sense.


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Brad, If that's true I'd love to see Jeg's pick up the ball.
Since Summit moved in on there home turf at National Trail years ago.


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Based on NHRA schedule, Norwalk will probably lose Night Under Fire also. One of the best (and best managed) racetracks in USA. Makes no sense, something else going on here? Curious if the Bader's will be an NHRA track in the future.


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Well, with being only allowed 25% of capacity, Would you? I saw that Disney parks are going to re-open, Can you imagine the loss they are gonna take? Look at their overhead. I don't blame him for his decision


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I'm surprised. I'm in Michigan and we have had tougher lockdowns but a few tracks have opened in the last 2 weeks. It started with limited cars but has increased. I don't see him being able to hold his bigger events for awhile but the standard weekend, local guys races that don't draw a crowd anyway should be doable. It's a shame, after the weather issues they had last year and now this year being wiped out that's a couple hard blows in a row.
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