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Nitro Thunder in Australia this weekend

While I know attentions here may be on Atlanta, there's eight Top Fuel cars racing in Sydney this weekend for the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event including the USA's Ashley Sanford, whose one off drive has turned into a season-long push thanks to Rapisarda Autosport International.
This is the second last round of the championship before the season ends at the Winternationals in June. It's a very tight race between Damien Harris (another RAI driver) and Kelly Bettes, the rookie driver for Lamattina Top Fuel Racing.
Top Fuel went to 1000 feet in Australia this season and we haven't yet seen a 3.7 pass in that format (though we did see a couple of clockings while still under quarter mile) so there is a mini-chase for that right now. Another interesting sidenote is that there are three women in the field of eight - Bettes who was/is a successful sportsman racer before being picked up by LTFR, Sanford and Rachelle Splatt who is operating her own team with the USA's Glenn Mikres turning the spanners.

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