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Nitro Harley racer Benny Stevens' book 'Fuelled' (1 Viewer)

Luke Nieuwhof

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If you are looking for a drag racing related read, Fuelled by Benny Stevens is now out. He's competed in the NHRA Nitro Harley series on a couple of occasions but what some might not know is his incredible life story, from conquering testicular cancer when he was 22 to becoming an amputee just a few years later after a freestyle quad bike accident.
I wrote the book with Benny, turning his stories from interviews into 208 pages of paperback. It's a really fun read and will give you a great insight into what someone with a really positive mind can achieve. Hopefully some of my fellow Maters will feel like checking it out!

You can buy it at www.bennystevens.com.au or on Amazon.

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