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Next up on Legends: The Series - Jeb Allen

Cool piece, thanks for sharing. Saw him a few years ago at Englishtown hanging out in Schumacher’s hospitality area and didn’t recognize him until Tony pointed him out.


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We bought our first TF car from Jeb way back when. Really enjoyed meeting him. I was talking to Lance Larson about him recently. Was good to hear he is doing well and is happy.


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Jeb never drove either of Guy Allen's J/F cars. They were driven by Les and Ed. Jeb was too young. His 1st ride was when the Allen's decided to go T/F racing.


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I remember when their junior fuelers were on the cover of Drag Racing USA, I was a little kid but I remember that issue and loved those little injected slingshots.


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Great video. Allen was fun to root for.
I was at the Tulsa National Challenge ‘73 when Allen was involved in that crash with John Wiebe. All I saw in my camera’s viewfinder was fire. It was awful. Fortunately both survived.
I need to dig up those pictures.


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I saw Jeb get his T/F license at Lions. He was in the brand new back motor car. I remember it sprinkled a bit, and Jeb left the line & tires spun, & he got off the loud pedal real quick. I once saw Les in the front motor car do a big wheelie at Lions, but he stayed on it. I thought, wow..... Also remember the JR/F cars. I think the family had a lot of fun with those cars. One year Jeb was at a race (in the mid 70's) with the Praying Mantis and a real praying mantis landed on the car, right above the name. Someone got a photo of it, & it was in a magazine or a drag racing paper. Jeb was also the last racer to ever make a run at Lions. The last race was the T/F final, Carl Olson won & Jeb was runner up, so he was the last one by a couple of miliseconds.

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Went to Lions to help a guy get licensed in his new Woody car that he had built himself. As the whole TF thing was new to him, he was reluctant to make a barrel valve adjustment to the running engine. He asked me to go find someone to help us. I asked Guy. He was so great. He said to push it down behind the left side bleachers and he would watch for it. As we came into the pits with it running, he came over and made an adjustment then grabbed the linkage and gave it a whomp. I was kind of in awe that someone would risk doing that to an engine put together by some kid he didn't even know.

Thanks to Guy we got to make a pass or two that evening.