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Jonesing for Some Drag Racing?


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For those of us in the Midwest, we've got to wait a bit for some local drag racing. Unless you like snowmobiles. These folks from Upper Michigan don't seem to be bothered by the cold and snow.



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wish we had that over here in our area ofMN. we used to have speed runs on local lakes. insurance and angry lake owners have all but put a stop to it in our area.......my guess is listening to that, that they have a noise ordinance there too, sounds like they are running some form of mufflers (similar to what super comp dragsters run). if any of you have been to denver, brainerd, or new hampshire where the sleds run at nat. events. they are much louder than in this video......cool video. those guys fly.


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Watch the sleds run at Lebanon valley every year 8.50's to 9.0 at 145 mph plus......very cool to watch and very passionate raceres to talk to.