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Eric Tubal. Came to the US and ran at the ManCup race in Bradenton. With early shutoff went 5.11 and almost couldn't get it stopped before the end of the track. I was there to witness it. Quickest 2 wheel pass ever.


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Eric Teboul, the record run at Bradenton in the clip below. I was in the tower calling some of the racing that weekend and recorded that run with my ol' iPhone 4S, 5.12 @ 264.39. He's been faster but not quicker.

I know Eric and have helped call some of his runs here in Europe. None of the others in the tower had ever seen him live before and I freaked out big time seeing the clock stop at 5.12. Everybody but me were real happy but I was seriously worried about his well being and asked people to call down ASAP and get a check if on he was OK or even alive. People thought I was kidding at first but one person noted that I was not and called. He was OK with the front wheel in the gravel and the rear wheel on the asphalt. I of course talked to him afterwards and he said it was pretty rough with locking up wheels etc. He actually decided to bail but things got a bit more stable so he stayed on the bike. The personell by the shut down area said they'd never seen anything come down there that quick, tires and brakes smoking.