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Here's the Wind Up.....


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That track has some pretty good bite to it .... in my set up, we'd lower tire pressure and lower wheelie bar (but I'm about 8,000 hp short of those guys).

Also that pic does a great job of showing how much movement there is in a chassis before there is one inch of forward movement (notice zero blacktracking at this point, no forward movement yet, just crushing the tire).


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It's amazing what those tires are put through over the course of a run. Thank goodness Goodyear was able to fix the issues of the early '00s with chunking.


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Who's car is that and which track? And omg Becky, look at her butt that puke tank, it is so big.

Awesome pic whoever took it.


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Looks like that picture was shot right when the tire was at maximum squat right after the throttle blades were opened. Probably not a good indicator of what the result of the run was.

What I noticed was what appears to be the absence of a rub block underneath the lower frame rail.


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I remember the VHT looking just like that. Pour the stuff on the track, do the burn out, back it up and make the pass. You'd see trails of it behind the slicks. I think Ontario was the first track where the entire track was sprayed with VHT, and it really made a difference!