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Froze up again (1 Viewer)


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St. Louis.... Been watching since 1st of Pro Mod. Was great all day , get to 2nd round of top Fuel (Force vs Kalitta ), picture freezes up ( can here audio) tried to get out by in , even log out then log back in, nothing .Went to help center , NO ONE THERE !!!! It's always something ever race. Gave them another shot with the 6 race deal. They've lost me for the 2nd and last time !!!!


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You must have been using the Roku. When I saw it dropped out and wouldn't come back on I switched to PC via Chromecast and it worked fine.


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I have to reboot my Apple TV every day as the app doesn’t refresh. Then when it reboots it makes me sign in every time it reboots. This app is horrible


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On Roku. I had to sign in on Friday but that was it. Worked great all three days!!


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I watched Friday and Saturday live on my PC and caught up with Sunday on Tuesday morning. All 3 days, I had NO problems at all. Personally, I think that some of the people who say they have problems really need to look at the equipment their end as I'm certain that if people were experiencing issues last weekend, the issues were not at the track.

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