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Formula One: Drive to Survive on Netflix (1 Viewer)

I'm not sure if anyone else has had the chance to watch this series yet but I'm about three episodes in and really enjoying it so far. I'm a casual fan of F1 and once upon a time would watch races regularly but don't really follow it so much lately.
But there's something really fresh about this series, which follow the 2018 season. Very honest and very emotional, which is rare for F1 broadcasts. Lots of swearing and the interviews are a lot less PR-ish than normal. I guess the production teams had a mantra to go everywhere, listen to everything and ask hard questions, because there are some scenes - such as where Fernando Alonso crashes in winter testing - where you can see the teams are visibly uncomfortable with the moments being recorded.
I would love to see the NHRA equivalent of this fly-on-the-wall style, because there is plenty of emotion we all know exists behind the scenes, but the teams are extremely good at having their business face on when it comes to the cameras and media.
Drive to Survive is also engaging for people who aren't motorsport fans - lots of personal insights into the drivers' lives away from the track and the politics that go on in F1.
Compared to say the Driving Force series of old, this has the honesty turned right up and a grittier tone - I think that would be great to see a drag racing equivalent.


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I too have been watching this series. It was something I would watch when my wife wasn't around because I did not think she would like it. She walked in once when I was watching it and didn't leave (or complain!) lol


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I've been watching it. It shows how out of control F1 is. When it takes a minimum of $150million (last place racer) to $900million(Red Bull) to run each car in the series and you have a research center and over 1,000 employees to run a race car their is something wrong. The show is very interesting and the inside the pit area and all is very eye opening to those who have not had the chance to be involved with a team. Having gone and seen what the Red Bull team brings to the races is amazing. Over 200 people just to support each car then the hospitability suite which it didn't show. You could operate the whole NHRA show for a year and pay out at least $500k to pro winners at each race and a whole lot of money for sportsman racing plus paying the costs of each team to operate just for what Red Bull pays to run 2 cars. It's great to see a American team (Haas) racing. They will eventually get their act together.


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I dont think its a matter of how out of control F1 is but how popular it is worldwide. Who knew F1 was big in Baku. Remember there is lot more technology in an F1 car than any drag car that is why it cost more. F1 was is just about the only racing series that can truly claim a World champ.


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Started last night when I went to bed and I wound up watching three episodes. I've always followed F1, Monaco is on the bucket list!

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