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Tony Nancy always had sharp looking cars. He had a 32 Ford Roadster with a blown Buick engine around 1959-1960. 22 JR was his trademark. Also an A/Modified Roadster that I saw at San Fernando in early 60's, that had a blown Buick. Rear engine T/G dragster with the Plymouth wedge engine, that he ran in England. Later, a Top Gas dragster with a Chevy rat motor, late 1960's, then the T/F cars, front & rear engine. He was a class racer. If you had a car with Tony Nancy upholstry you had something special. Famous seahorse trademark.
Hey Cliff remember the small part Tony had in Hollywood Knights? Tony was a cool dude. I remember building the Revell model of his slingshot.
Argh, no I don't remember that. But oh yeah, Tony was a cool dude. Ex Marine. Once I talked to him about when he raced in England. He said the tracks were so bumpy that he spent half the run in the air. heh When he ran the Buick cars, he used the "nail head" Buick engine. Tommy Ivo also used that engine a few times. Not too many racers ran Buicks. Nancy liked to use engines that no one else ran, like the Plymouth wedge back motor car and he was competitive with those engines. Around 1969 he ran that rat motor Top Gas dragster & it ran with the Chryslers.
I always kind of liked the Hotwheel diggers Prudhomme and Mongoose drove back in the day.

They weren't as successful as perhaps they would have liked, but I liked the looks of them.
My dad had many favs but the 3 that stand out, Weekly-Rivero-Fox-Holding, he loved the frantic four. He always talked about the Drag News #1 races on those Sundays at Pomona against the Greek. Another one was the Ridge Route Terrors of Warren-Coburn-Miller, he loved it when they grabbed the gold at the Winters. his favorite may have been Pete Robinson as dad loved the cammers, he and I witnessed Pete's demise at Pomona as we were about the 1000' mark and saw the whole thing. Pop was very sad that day.

I actually saw that race at Pomona, The Greek VS W-R-F-H for the #1 spot. Weekly won over the Greek in a 2 out of 3 match race. Weekly got a "red flag" in one race. No Xmas tree back then, so a red flag was a red light in todays standards. And the Greek did a "power stand" about 1/2 way down, ie: did a wheelie about the time the tires stopped smoking & hooked up. Almost like a pro Mod does today. They were running low 8's around 190. That was 1963, I was starting my senior year in high school.
The year Pete Robinson died, 1971. I was at Pomona only for race day. & the announcer asked us to stand for a moment of silence. Pete had died the night before in a local hospital. Pete had that ground effects thing on his car and some say it lead to the crash. That was a sad moment in time.
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This has the photo that was taken right before Pete crashed. You can see the ground effects unit under the car. Also note both front tires appeared to be flat, with the right tire trying to come off the rim. That could be the reason the car crashed.
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