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Doug wins - is it karma? (1 Viewer)


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Well, I always want a Kalitta car and driver to win; and have so since about 1968 when my Dad personally introduced me to his friend, Mr. Kalitta and his Dad, Art ; out at Motor City Dragway in Anchorville Michigan. It’s been a long road since then and I’ve been an avid supporter and fan and friend of the family and the racing and business organizations, quite heartily. But still, I still would like to see Doug nail down a “real” full season championship. Not that this isn’t real; but I want tot see them conquer the full schedule, each track... week in and week out.... old school style, I guess. But if and when Doug hits it ..... you can bet your sweet bibby I will be fist pumping.


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2020 is about as old school as you can get, with no Countdown. Next year goes back to the countdown. arghhhhhhhhh


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All I can say with what I have seen, I don't think any current TF or FC team is laying down for themselves. DSR is clear they don't. John Force yea, of course he did that. The amount of money on the line and you denied a sponsor to have a 10 ten finish when you could have? Who wouldn't do the same? It was never about the runaway points IMO, it was all about the drama that the NHRA wants to have a storyline with. This is clear cut anyway. T. Ped was hired first race out with everyone knowing what his purpose was. When Billy starting driving he said he was not in it for himself and to just help buffer his son any way that he can.
DSR has indeed done some laying down in the past. There was a famous incident in 2003 in Seattle when it was a one lane race track. Bazemore was in the points and he was "given" the good lane against Scelzi when Scelzi had lane choice. Don pretty much admitted to it. When Hagen won the championship in 2014 he raced teammates in the 2nd round and semis at the Finals and won suspiciously in both rounds ( for the record I only question the semifinal round that gave him the championship). So it has happened with DSR as well.


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I don’t understand why to this day, team orders are still discussed. Remember the 1970 Gators when there were 2 Candies & Hughes FCs in the final, and team orders dictated that the newer model Cuda won? 50 years later, it still happens at times, in all motorsports, so what’s left to talk about?


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Pretty much TEAM racing killed Dale SR.
It's a part of racing. I was crewing for a Div 3 TAFC at Quaker City points meet. Back when Tony Shoe was still in Alcohol.
He couldn't make the cut, so he went around and tried to buy his way into the show. Nobody bought. How's that any different?


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Team racing stopped bothering me a long time ago. I would guess that every single team that has fielded two or more cars at some point over the course of history has had team orders given at some point. I know if I had two cars and one was first in points with a slim lead and another was eight in points I would have the eight place car shut off at 200'

Personally If a team is going to dive I would rather see the second car cut a normal light and shut off at 200' because to a casual fan who might be in the stands or watching on tv it will look like a more square race than someone sitting on the starting line or driving the car out of the groove or even someone leaving the car in the pits.
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