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Cindy Nicholson on speedsceneracing.com TONIGHT! (1 Viewer)


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I just got this message from Cindy Nicholson.....

Hi Jackee!
Please get out to the racing community, that I will be featured on SpeedSceneRacing.com regarding Dyno Don Nicholson's missing Race Car and trailer at 6:30pm PST tonight. I would love for anyone interested to watch or listen to the show. Gotta run I'll talk to you soon!



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Forgot to listen to the show last night but it was archived and I listened to the audio of Cindy's call-in to the show this morning. Those scum-bags have apparently moved Dyno's last race car & trailer to Missouri according to Cindy so if anyone in that neck of the woods sees it, please contact Cindy @ [email protected] or through other channels. This really stinks and hopefully the idiots who have this car & trailer will realize that they can't sell this car to any honest individual, and maybe not even to a dishonest person since it will be known about as soon as the car surfaces. Such a crummy deal and for those of you that don't know, Cindy and her family and friends DID know where this car was being stored and alerted the Police to its location and they would not help in retrieving it or recovering it calling it a civil matter even though the scumbags that had the car threatened to kill Cindy if she came near their property again. The car was moved somewhere else soon thereafter and has not been located (positively) since then.

Good luck Cindy!
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