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I could be wrong but I heard the poor tIme slot was due to the race being rescheduled from the original date. It was originally two weeks after Gainesville but when it was moved to last weekend they had to squeeze it into this weekends schedule.
make sense to me........darn it though. new CW sponsor and two of first few races with ratings in toilet.


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That really doesn’t bother me. I know what the cars sound like. There is no broadcast on TV or internet that can even come close to the sound that you get at the track. For me, the NHRA.tv broadcast is as close as you can get to being at the track. I do DVR the television coverage but rarely watch it unless there is something I want to see again.
I do agree with nhratv being as close to the strip as you can be without being there,with all the technology they need to make the sounds of the car better, we all know what announcers sound like too!
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