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Alexis Dejoria is back! (1 Viewer)


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I think she would if asked and presented with 2 of them. "We" would have to give her a free membership though............................
I’ve got a spare ‘Mater sticker I’d give her. I just need somebody to fly me to Pomona. Anyway, it is great to hear she is returning to competition. She’s proven to be a heck of a driver.


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Let’s get Alexis to put Nitromater on her funny car for FREE. Lol
I will pay for the stickers.
Do you think we could get her to do a NitroMater Honorary Crew Member of the race deal?
Kind of like the Napa Honorary Crew Member?
I have dibbs on Sonoma... 😉


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I have a LOT of respect for John Paul D.
He's a guy who started with NOTHING - LESS than nothing.
Alexis seems pretty grounded for someone who gained enormous wealth (I was very concerned for her when she married JJ - apparently, t's worked out OK.)
So glad she's coming back to NHRA!

FYI, JPD sold Patron to Barcardi in 2018.
Tuesday, billionaire co-founder of Patron Spirits International John Paul Dejoria sold his 70 percent stake in the tequila business to Bacardi Limited in a $5.1 billion deal, according to Forbes, which is expected to close in the first half of 2018.


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You guys are right! I don't know why I didn't remember that? As an old friend of mine used to say "I've heard that drinking and drugs kills brain cells, but only the bad ones."

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