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I'm sitting at the movie theater ($45 for two with mini hot dogs and large popcorn and coke, one refill) and there's commericals.
And there's the Nintendo Switch commercial for the third time in ten minutes and I think about how much it must cost to advertise in the theater.
It's the one place you can't change the channel.
You have no choice about what's on.
Me and my kid are all both, we hate these commercials.

Granted we don't have "normal" TV, she's an YouTube addict and I just watch Netflix, mostly. I have a Ruku.

So point is, I look through my Phone while the Nintendo commercial comes on and I see this article in the highlights...


So how awesome would it be for people to pay $40 to watch a movie?

We came thirty miles for my dentist appointment so we were stuck here, basically about a half hour before the movie.

So what do you think?

An amazing growl of the engine to catch the heart in loud ass surround sounds and a screen huge as life?

Sounds pretty jaw dropping and eye catching. And no one can change the channel.


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heck of a good idea.....now where does the cost for two week's worth of spots compare to local radio and tv. i think we can agree, newspaper is a thing of the past, so now when nhra (for instance) comes to town and you (nhra) want to advertise online in local markets for 2 weeks prior to race, where do you advertise? sports section of local newspaper's onine site? can you advertise online in a local market (gainesville for instance) where your ad appears on a variety of searches? on youtube? anyone know how short term online adv't. works when you're only trying to reach a local market?
I don't know but I do know that they can ask the local theaters to do their advertising. Sure some are coporate and so you can just go to one company and hit many theaters.

But my local theater is privately owned by some dudes that also own some in Colorado.

So in order to advertise at a theater, they would need to contact each theater, individually which causes more work... But it should only be a fifteen minute cold call then preparation of the video which isn't additional work of mass... Just maybe 5 hours of work.
Then to prepare and send it digitally would be another fifteen minutes of time because we also had a smoke break and gossiped with the next cubicle.

That is per theater so even if there's 10 theaters in a 50 mile radius then that's only 150 minutes of work which is hey two and a half hours.
What if I got paid overtime?
I'm a happy camper!!

Take New Mexico for example... You would want to do a 75 mile radius from Albuquerque, to include Santa Fe then another couple extra south to enclude Ruidoso, Alamogordo (which has an imax and has had, probably, literally a half million visitors as it's with the Space Museum next to white Sands Missle Range), Roswell, Truth or Consequences, and Las Cruces.
May want to ask about in El Paso, Texas as well and that will lead people from Mexico that can climb the current wall to jump on over as well.
They will come.

Albuquerque really doesn't have anything. My father has gone to NASCAR in Phoenix... So New Mexico will cross the state. Also. New Mexico is only 400 miles wide and 400 miles tall... Which means it's only one tanl of gas to get the hell out of here.

Sorry.. wrong post. We weren't trying to get NHRA to Albuquerque which is smack dab in the middle of the state.

If you want people whom like crowds then you want the Fri-Sun people
They're already out and about on those times so you pay to be advertised only on the weekend.

So really... I don't think it's expensive to add to the local markets.
Most the leg work to get in.. so then that is causing more jobs to open so that's good for people. More money but it's feeding, clothing and housing people.


I don't know facts just guessing there's probably about 1,000 theaters or less in the entire state of New Mexico.

Then you have places like Vegas, Pamona, Phoenix you go to every year so you don't have to double leg work. #TimeSaved

Plus... You get a multiple year contract. So for the next 5 years you only have to mail the 5 hour video and pay them and make the proper communication to ensure they are following through once a year.

Our theater was recently purchased so maybe they're not into the long term. But if not then you sale it that the contract will be passed to any owner.
As a condition of the sale. Which just means the new owner will get paid so they won't say no.

Nothing is on film reels anymore, it's digitally sent. Even if they aren't all digital like ours wasn't before the sale (it was a dead theater - no one ever went even on Friday night) they can turn it into whatever source they use.

They can save time also by using the same ad on TV and internet.