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Terrance Smith

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Only in the IHRA will they have a year end special race event and make the cars dial in, even when they are in the same class. What a damn joke!!!! In the stock and Super Stock semi finals the quickest cars lost because they broke out. IHRA has had some bright ideas but this is definently not one of them. This reminds me of their modifed class, why in the heck were they dialing cars in, in mod eliminator which was supposed to mirror NHRA comp they should have been WFO and penalized for running too quick but I guess that was too intricate for them. These are the reasons people think the IHRA is a step behind NHRA, they (IHRA) never take the lead on anything they just follow.
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That wasn't IHRA's deal. It was Accel's deal. They set the rules for the race, not IHRA.

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