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Thanks Roger. I'll forgo the chairs then.

Cliff, Saturday will be Ed's 100th birthday. I'll have my camera with me and will take plenty of photos.
The guy is a living led gent and deserves it for everything he has done for racing over the past years.

Looking forward to next Saturday. Should be a great turnout with cooler weather forecast; ~80 degrees.

Here's a photo I took last year at the Peterson Museum's birthday party after we all moved to a table under the covered parking garage towards the end (that's Roland Leong on the left with his had on Jack's wrist). As always, Ed's holding court.

YES - Party is a Go. It was moved to this late because the weather is much better. Ed is raring to go also. Jack Beckman will be our M.C. and we willhave a tribute to Dave (Mac) McClelland at the Dave McClelland Timing Tower on the property. This is probably "Isky's" last Birthday Party so if you can make it the address is 29330 Hwy. 178 Onyx Ca. 93566 10: 00 til ? and bring your Hot Rod. Ed is one of the last pioneers that made racing what it is and helped influence the NHRA to grow like it did.
He made another trip around the sun. The weather was perfect, but the crowd as much smaller this time. I'm guessing it was the price of gas and the far distance that made many stay home. Nevertheless, everyone was in good spirits and Ed (as he does so often) was holding court with his stories of years gone by.

It was nice to see you Roger. We'll be at the next ANRA race and perhaps the CHRR too. Maybe we can meet up again.

Ed 101 (3).jpg
That looks to me like an old 4-banger with a Potvin blower on it. Wow.... I would love to know the history of that car!

That car is a side project that Chassis fabricator Bruce Dyda is working on in his spare time. No petegre, just something he's doing for himself. I asked if he wants to run it down the track and he said no, but I think we might be able to convince him to do it at an Eagle Field type event.

Yes, that's an Potvin Blower set up with an early Enderle injector and the 4 banger is a Chevy 2/ Murcury Marine engine.
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