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On July 10 1921 Ed Iskenderian was born. After almost 3 years of not being able to celebrate his Birthday we decided that no "stinking" COVID or waiting until it was cooler is going to stop us from giving ED a really great Birthday Bash this year on Saturday July 10 2021 at LTR Racing Engines. He's been saying "Hey Pal - When are we going to have another party - I've been waiting almost 100 years for this one." It will be at the same place (29330 Hwy 178 Onyx Ca 93255) actually in Canebreak - population about 30 depending on who is home. :cool: When Ed got back from WWII he waited about as long as he could and Kenny Harman told him he still didn't know how long it would be to get him a cam because he was so backed up. Ed being in the business of buying and selling machinery found some Norton grinders and converted them to grind cams. From there it is all History. Anyway the date is set and the place is set and everybody is invited. Just please call Lanny at (442) 272-2192 with how many are coming and if you have a "Cackle" car we'de Love for you to bring it. Isky doesn't know it but we are mounting 100 camshafts to a base with candles on them and it is going to be his job to blow them out. More details to follow. Ramjet
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Thanks Roger,

I've been offered many times to go, but have never been. I think I'll make an effort to go this year.
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