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CONCORD, N.C. – TJ Zizzo and the PEAK Motor Oil/Herculiner Top Fuel hit the dragstrip running this weekend at zMAX Dragway for the 4th Annual O’Reilly NHRA Nationals. The Chicago-based NHRA Full Throttle Series team laid down a 3.860 second ET Friday that would eventually put them solidly in the final field as the 12th qualifier. Zizzo also ran the fastest lap of his career with a pass of 316.23 mph. Three consecutive runs of 3.90 covering the last two qualifying rounds and the first round of eliminations capped off what would usually denote a good weekend for any team.

Weather conditions this weekend were ideal for making racecars go fast and the rail in the opposite lane, driven by recent U.S. Nationals winner Antron Brown, was just a little quicker than Zizzo. Despite the E1 loss, Zizzo acknowledged the many positives that came from their weekend in the Charlotte area.

“Positively speaking, it was a great weekend,” he said. “That was our eighth run in a row since Indy that we’ve gone down the race track under power and in a respectable manner. Kudos to Mike Kern on tuning this car for us to be able to do that as well as to our PEAK Motor Oil/Herculiner team for allowing him to do that.”

Given the nearly-identical 3.90 second runs over Saturday and Sunday, Zizzo said they may have to change the class of their PEAK Motor Oil/Herculiner machine. “We ran a 3.90, a 3.90, a 3.90…I think we’re going to go to Union Grove, Wis., next weekend and dial in a 300 mph bracket car.

“Needless to say, overall, a good weekend. We raced a very, very competitive racecar in Antron Brown. He does a good job and they have a good team. We were right with him but we couldn’t out-muscle him today.”

The next scheduled race for Zizzo Racing is the NHRA Nevada Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Oct. 27-30. For ticket information, click HERE.


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