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Zizzo Close to a New Deal? (1 Viewer)


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While anytime a new Sponsor comes on board is always a good thing, makes you wonder how long it will take before they jump ship to one of the Mega teams! sad....


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Great group of people, hope the deal comes through for them


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Great news. I recently moved just up the road from their shop, which gave me another reason to root for them.


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So has anyone heard the details of the deal? I'm curious how many races Zizzo is going to be able to compete at now? Regardless, it's great that they are going to be back out there! What a great team!!!


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No official announcements of any kind yet. All we did was partner with Rt.66 Raceway and the city of Joliet to take advantage of some time sensitive promotional opportunities via the local Chicago news that mutually benefited everyone involved. No need for anyone to get ahead of themselves. You can't rush a good thing!


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Well if it helps. Tell Rustoleum I just ordered and took delivery of a pallet of 5 gal. buckets of Rustoleum Restore.
All because I believed in there products.
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