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Would 2 Nitro Qualifying Runs Be Enough? (1 Viewer)


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Pete, you might be right about Sat and Sun, but I really don't think so. Just look at the attendance figures for Sundays the last X years. History long ago proved that Friday evening and Saturday's usually worked with better attendance and additionally Fri and Sat races would provide a rain option on Sunday. I also think a qualifying run Saturday morning would aid competition by telling crew chiefs what to expect from the track and weather. So I'm in favor of 2 q laps on Friday and 1 Saturday morning with eliminations in the early afternoon and evening on Saturday. Now if somebody just gave a darn what my opinion is.
John, I can agree with Fri&Sat, but I think having a qualifier Sat morning, followed by 4 rounds means 5 runs in a day., not saying it’s not possible, but I believe it would be shot down by the teams


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Post of the thread. There is nothing left to discuss, big team, little team; it is the same 2 shots for everyone. It is even MORE of an advantage because the lower funded teams will have the 2 runs they maybe usually make and the big teams will not be able to have 2 sessions to 1 up them.
I totally agree. It would take away the ability of the big teams to qualify for ladder position in the 3rd & 4th qualifier and make them do what they have to in just 2 runs. Could make a major difference in the ladders..would help the smaller teams that can't afford 4 runs but are competitive. Could bring out more of the smaller teams.
If you take today's Friday and Saturday attendance, which are no where close to sell outs and only qualify on Saturday I would bet most of them would show up on Saturday. No loss of attendance and full stands


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Why cant each team get three qualifiers on a Saturday if its only the pros? Seems to be they would have plenty of time since most Saturdays the NHRA wraps up early.


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Don't know what will be happening in a couple of months, but what NASCAR is having to do is really jump through a bunch of hoops that will not work for NHRA. First of all - all the races in the near future are within driving distance of Charlotte and 1 day events. Next a total of 16 people for each team - no exceptions. Then everyone has to be checked for symptoms every day for 5 days before the race and they don't want people who work in the shops to be part of the 16 because they want the 16 to have no contact with others unless they are tested. No fans - no support people except security and necessary staff that are checked also. They can only bring one car and no extra motor because they draw straws for qualifying at first and then invert the field in sections later. No motorhomes or places to go. It sounds like the first word in this deal is "Cluster"!


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Two Qualifiers is enough for the Pro classes. I know this comparison is like apples to oranges,I ran an alcohol funny car with the UDRA years ago and the format then was set up as one qualifier (all run for $750 ea.),and depending on the car count,the quickest six,or eight continued on (and got lap money). This format was a great equalizer,as far as having your equipment ready and a basic tune up that would get you from A to B. The first qualifier lap paid your travel costs,and if you went one or more laps into eliminations the money was good.

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Chicago style. Friday sportsman and pro test runs. Saturday afternoon or evening eliminations. First round, all run. Second round, winners race winners and losers race losers. Two low ETs race in round 3 for winner and runner up.


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If they end up running 15 or 16 in a row they need to cut it down to 2 qualifying so smaller teams have a chance of not running out of parts. The bigger teams usually use at least 1 session to test now anyway. This would even the field some for the poorer teams.
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