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World's First Four Second Altered Pass (1 Viewer)


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OK, I wanna see if they can run 300.... Wow 4 second Fuel Altered..... I'm so old that I remember when they ran the first 6 in AA/FA. :)


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What an amazing pass. Sure wish I had attended.

Slightly off topic, but... I was at a Super Chevy Show at (then) Seattle International Raceway in about 1990. A fuel Altered ran 5.56, and the announcer called it a world record. Pretty sure it was tuned by Amos Satterlee. However, I can't find anything listed regarding that "record". Can anyone shed any light on the subject?


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Facts! And some people are living in the past and don't know drag racing evolves. People are just bitter they don't own a bad ass four second 300 mph fuel altered. Great job Tim and Richard. Also a great job from the War Wagon team - 304.59.
Can we here a AMEN.🤠
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great to see tim so happy.
with some folks saying this is not a true fuel altered i realize i dont know the history of the class or why they are questioning the validity of tims car.
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