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When will NHRA get serious about a video game (1 Viewer)


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We sdtill race the NHRA quarter mile showdown game on pc.. Its even still online...

Dragsim.com is where we race at..... If you need the game PM me as its almost impossible to fid on the shelfs anymore....


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I bought QM showdown, but for some reason, when I played my reaction times were in the .5 or slower no matter if I used the foot pedals or assignined the throttle to a button on the steering wheel. I never had this problem with ANY version up thru main event.


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To me, Burnout Championship Drag Racing was the best drag racing game made but its not pro's. Just bracket racing and stuff. I liked it better than the other games. I played the PS game once and it didnt really do anythign for me and the IHRA game really really sucks.

The days of WHRA, SHRA, and the rest of us on KALI... loved the way Wendy (Nurse) would kick @$$ in pro stock... had fun driving some of the not so real match race combos late saturday nights... 3.65 vegas and my 3.9 AMX...
wonder with 4spdtom is doing now days in tulsa...

Teams I ran with MR, BSR



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Yeah, I'll just have to continue with my PC stuff until I can get a PS-2. Hell, I don't even have the wheel and pedals. I have to run 'er off the keyboard. I wouldn't know how to act with all of that cool stuff!

How is the "offspring" doing? You guys going to make it to Eddyville next month? If so, I look forward to seeing you again!

Sean D
Offspring is fine..hehe.

Hope to make it Sean...


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Mike, we found you had to map all the controls to the third slot... execpt the gas and brake where we mapped them to the second slot...
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