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Was there ANY newsprint or TV publicity?


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I don't get USA Today or watch a lot of TV News but, neither my local newspaper nor the NY Times (try to keep it balanced <if not fair> <G>).

Seems like a second generation winner (Yes, a young woman) might have been newsworthy, no?

Do we blame the "stick and ball" bias or NHRA has just missed the boat?


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My apologies for Red Lighting (and assuming the worse). In fact, the New York Times did have an article (First female winner of the top prize since Ms. Muldowney).
Google also reveals a few other papers did run a blurb.


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The Arizona Republic actually did have a small article, way down on the bottom of the page, about Brittany being the 2nd woman to win T/F title. We had a big NASCAR race here this weekend, and bout do they cover that! argh