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Tucson Dragway Reunion

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On May 7th, there is going to be a pretty darn good reunion going on at Tucson Dragway. I have heard that the car count will be over 300 with AA/FC, AA/FD and slew of altereds including Western Fuel Altereds and my clunker in attendance, here's a link to the track event: http://www.tucsondragway.com/tucson-dragway-reunion

If you happen to go, look me up, just look for my car in the signature, it looks a little bit different with a new legal wing and primered nose but the main body and motor is still the same.

Draw 3D

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Well, the Tucson Dragway Reunion was absolutely great, caught up with some old friends and made some new ones as well. Met Alan Reinhart but he didn't seem to be interested but that's ok.

Has a good turnout and I got to be in the cacklefest which was a blast as well, can't wait for next year's event.


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Hi Paul,

Had heard that it was a great time from my friend Joel Gruzen who went with his "Newhouse Special" Cacklefest car.

Thought I'd share with you another opportunity to race your car, only here in Southern California. Vintage 7.60 is having 3 races this summer (maybe more later in the year) where NE1 and A/G is combined into one class at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. For more info, call Dale or check them out on Facebook.

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That looked like fun, I wish I could have made it. I know Jim Hughes and the rest of the staff are working hard down there at Tucson making it a great place to race, plus it's nice to have a "sister" track not too far away.