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Cool video of Millers blower dyno....scroll down and click on blower dyno....not the same dyno as JFR and Herberts but fun to watch....a little tease before Pomona..

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Man this might be a dumb question---is that a blower dyno or actually an engine dyno? It looks like a complete blown engine, probably on alky, running on a dyno. I thought a blower dyno just flowed the blower alone. Either way, very cool.
Thats not a blower dyno!! Thats an engine dyno. The blower dyno is setup for just the blower by itself, and is run off an electric motor, at least the ones I've seen are. It says blower dyno on the video, but I've never seen one run off the engine.
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Bill and Co in Carson City use this type of dyno to record blower consistency; they bolt on different ones to see if they repeat on certain expectations. Much cheaper and if anyone knows blowers it would be Bill Miller.
Anyone ever paid attention to his operation? If other teams had the same budget as Millers they (BME) would be a top 5 car......very small budget compared to the big $$$$$ cars...
Man, they leaned on that thing for at least ten seconds. :eek: Wonder what that sounds like on the outside of the building???

Very cool. Thanks Terry.
If your ever in Carson City, NV call ahead and ask when they will be making dyno pulls and you can sit in....most people leave the building or take a few steps towards the door @ least.......too much fun
Either way, that video blows.

Someone had to say it. :D

Do they track anything more than a manifold pressure/RPM curve?
Ron.....they are looking for consistency w/in each blower so @ a race if they bolt on a new huffer it is exactly the same as the last one regarding boost...and only boost.

The video blows? I don't get it......show me a link w/ similiar showings?
If I could figure out how to transfer my camcorder video showing JFR's blower dyno onto my PC I could post it...
the dyno is the one that dale armstrong and kenny bernstein built. i read about it in an article about armstrong, from when he was with k.b., a side not in the article said miller and gibson had purchased it from kenny.
True...Armstrong built a few...another one is down in Lancaster, CA @ Ron Hammels (10,000 rpm) shop and if you ever go visit his dyno room look up in the ceiling and you'll see alot of left over carnage from explosions.....I grew up there and we'd visit after school when they would make pulls and we'd all leave the building real quick....Cops were always there from noise complaints..
John Mitchell wanted to make a pull on fuel but Ron said no way as the dyno had a 2500 hp limit......sounds weak, compared to the est 8000 hp NHRA promotes, saying 2500 hp but that is alot of ponies in a confined space......
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