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The Shawn & Joey Show & More


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Round 1 Alky Q at Pomona. Joey Severance #1 at 5.204 277.83. Shawn Cowie #2 at 5.226 at a monster 281.36 (top speed so far). Wow, that is fast for blower car! Some busted run in T/AD.

TA/FC had 2 cars in the 5's, almost all the runs were busted. Ulf Leanders #1 at 5.461 268.17, good pass for that car. So, see what the next Q sessions bring. Lotsa good cars there.
Is this a record 60 ft time for a TAD?
Joey Severance's incremental times: 60ft-0.885 sec., 330ft-2.329, 660ft-3.445/222.66 mph, 1,000ft-4.396.



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Thanks Greg. Cowie "slowed" to 280 today. Slowed to 280.... sheesh! The dragsters seem to be hooking up better than TA/FC. Those guys either go really quick or stumble. The last session was almost all busted runs for TA/FC. Q3 for T/AD will be run tomorrow morning.


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OK, Shawn went out in Rd 1 and Joey went out in Rd 2. So, looking at the 4 cars in semis, I would say a (not so) long shot to win would be James Stevens, who got in as alternate & can run mid .30's. Or Julie Nataas, who has a killer A/FD. Of course, now that I said that, Mercier or Bateman could pick up the win. All 4 cars are capable. Be interesting to see what happens. TA/FC is gonna be tuff, with Ulf Leanders running the 2nd quickest ET in history at 5.383 272.50. Gordon, Whiteley & Westerfield are all in the .40's. Wow....