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Posted this on my facebook page and I'd thought I would share....

Ok, I know some people here are not as tech savvy as me, and that’s fine. BUT…. Being in tech support for as long as I have, based on experience on both the software/hardware side and ISP tech support, here are some tips that all people should follow when calling tech support.

And just because, for some things here I’ll be making my ever-famous “car analogies.”

1. Do not immediately mouth off that you feel the product is defective. Sure in some cases that’s true, but many times that “defective” product can be fixed by a reboot/reset/reload/reformat etc.

2. Do not spout off your credentials like your degree, certification or whatever. 1), It’s not going to make the CSR skip troubleshooting steps, and 2) It’s only going to make you look foolish when the fix was something simple like a power cycle or moving to a different outlet. Just do what the CSR tells you to do.

3. Do not refuse to do a troubleshooting step that may end up fixing the problem because you feel it’s not going to work. Remember, you called us for help. Also, don’t mouth off that you “know” what the problem is, because again when the problem wasn’t that it’ll make you look foolish.

4. In cases where the CSR diagnosed that your computer needs to be formatted and reloaded, sure it’s ok to have to call us back after you back up your stuff. What’s not OK is when you refuse to do a format and reload because “you have to spend a bunch of time reinstalling your software.” Come on, are you that lazy?

5. BE IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER WHEN YOU CALL. Also, when calling please have your computer turned on and ready to go. The only exception to this is when calling about your PC having an error on startup, obviously the CSR will want to know what the error is by having you turn your computer on.

6. This is when calling ISP tech support: When the tech finds your modem is indeed defective, do not ***** and moan when he/she tells you that you need to pay for a new one if it’s out of warranty, or mouth off that because you’re paying for the service you should get a new one for free. Why? It’s very simple: your ISP does not make the modems. They were made by a 3rd party company that gives at best a 1 year warranty, and your ISP is really just a reseller that can only replace the modem for free when it’s in warranty. It’s like a car: Once your car goes out of warranty, you’ll have to pay for repairs even though you still are making payments on it. Are you going to mouth off to the dealership about it?

7. Also, for ISP tech support: When the CSR tells you the company is not responsible for inside wiring and if you want inside wiring covered you need to buy a monthly service plan, do not mouth off with “Yes you are” or “I don’t see how I’m responsible for my inside wiring.” If you were to buy a Mustang, is your dealer responsible for all the aftermarket crap you’re going to put on it? Also, some of you might say “but they installed the jacks/coax/whatever so yes they are responsible.” Um, no. Once those jacks get installed, they’re installed as-is with no warranty. Simply put, if you want your inside wiring covered, don’t be a cheapskate and pony up for the monthly service plan.

8. Don’t accuse the CSR of patronizing you or say something *******-ish like “none of your business” when he/she asks you “how’s the weather” or “how’s your day going today.” Not only is the CSR trying to be nice, but many times it’s part of their QA requirements to say things like that to “build rapport.” In other words, they are trying not to flunk their audits and in many cases lose their bonus. Just answer their question and get on with life.

9. If the CSR tells you something is not covered, IT’S NOT COVERED! Also, do not mouth off that you got a virus even though you have antivirus software and start saying the software is crap etc. AV software is like modern safety features on cars: Just because modern cars have 10 airbags, door guards etc doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt in a crash, just because you have antivirus software doesn’t make you immune to viruses. Also, getting a Mac doesn’t make you immune to viruses either.

10. Last few things I want to mention: When you tell me “I’ll let you talk to me son he’s a genius,” please keep in mind that just because he plays WoW 10 hours a day does not make him a Genius! Also, if you hate calling tech support and getting India, here’s a tip: spend a little more and get a product marketed towards businesses. Wonder why the business-class router is $250 and that Linksys consumer router is $60? Because when you call tech support on the $250 router you get an American who can troubleshoot with his eyes closed. With the $60 Linksys router you’ll get a script reader that you can’t understand. Oh, and do not get butthurt that the CSR can’t make direct recommendations, because companies don’t like being liable if for example it hoses your system.
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